Beyond the surface of tango


is there anything out there?

8 — Doble Ocho — 8

via 8 — Doble Ocho — 8., Interview with Lizelot de Stigter

A philosfical intermezzo. A typical female quality in dancing is that, if you imagine the man as a explorer of new worlds and her as the treasure, who is to be discovered, he will be inspired on his journey. He knows all the highways and the byways, and she knows the hidden mysterious places. With each and every move he discovers her beauty and also his own, because he sees his reflection in her. The interesting thing is that if he is not yet in contact with her, he can go in every direction. He has unlimited possibilities, creativity and inspiration. But in the end he is only able to move in one direction.

So, at the moment he joins her in an embrace, she incorporates it all in her feminine qualities and there only remains one movement which can go all ways. This is the energetic aspect of dancing tango, the way I experience it. This is typical of the female role. The development lies in the weaving, the incorporation, which, as a matter of fact, is a rather active role considering her female capacities. And for him the quality lies in the surrendering, the letting go and trusting her, so that he can feel free. In return you will get a freedom of moving. As a woman I have learned that I can take an active part in this.


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