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Tango For Life » Tangasm Dangers Part 2-Alignment

The first thing I endeavor to find out with any Tango student is their underlying motivation for taking a class or private. Then and only then can I actually help them, for what I teach and how I teach Tango changes, based upon their motivation. As a student, you can help your teachers instruct you by getting very clear of why you are in Tango and then telling them!

In Tango, I have found 6 big underlying reasons people get into it. This list is by no means comprehensive: to experience connection; to get into a casual or significant relationship; to experience community; to engage in another recreation/ hobby; to learn body skills and the experience that comes with moving and learning with the body; and lastly, to actually learn Tango. In other words, most people I have asked really are not learning Tango just for the learning, but some payoff – connection, relationship, community, recreation, and/ or body skills.

via Tango For Life » Tangasm Dangers Part 2-Alignment.


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