Beyond the surface of tango


is there anything out there?

Is this really the red pill?

In a longer communication with Ulysses, he detailed what it would take to swallow the red pill. ”Dave, are you willing to accept that:”

* all of your beliefs of Tango are not true

* you will be compelled to forgive and love the most snobby of tangueras and arrogant of tangueros

* you will fully understand why people burn out and/ or become disinterested in Tango, but can not just tell them why, for telling them will only deepen their dissatisfaction

* if you ever want to show the Tango Matrix to another, you can’t just show them it, but only lead them ever so craftily to rabbit hole where they will have to choose the red or blue pill on their own

* you will have to accept the nature of humanity, including its ugliness, and how it shows up in Tango

* you will have to be kind to even the most superficial and narcissistic of people in Tango

* you will have to go beyond your inherent coding of how you want to act in Tango

* at times you have acted dishonorably in Tango

* you will have to forgive yourself

* you must stop your fight against the unbearable lightness of being – what you referred to in your writings, and flirt with it and accept it

* being a fool in Tango and taken advantage of is of greater value than being guarded and protected

* take nothing in Tango personally

Ulysses left me with these last two items needed to be willing to accept – the hardest two as he put it-

1. you must have absolute faith (different than religion) as it is the only power of personal creation

2. you must absolutely trust that life energy/ Universe is not neutral, but conspires to assist you and compels you to be better at ALL times

via Tango For Life » The Tango Matrix Part 3- Neo’s Incessant Inkling.


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